Tenney caf staffers Stephanie Christie and Kim Morin grew herbs and flowers, helping children learn how food makes its way to their plate. Courtesy photos

Methuen schoolchildren once again dug into lessons on gardening, thanks to their science teachers and courtesy of donations from the Methuen Garden Club.
For at least the seventh spring, the club’s Tim Vermette dispersed $50 worth of items to schools looking to jump-start classroom growing projects. Burpee provided packets of flower, vegetable and herb seeds which were given to 14 teachers from all 4 Methuen grammar schools and the Islamic Academy for Peace. Tenney cafeteria worker Stephanie Christie used her donation to plant trays of herb and flower seeds in the caf, as a way to show students how food is grown.

The Timony’s Mandy O`Brien is eager to get her hands into the dirt!


Gearing up to grow at CGS are Julliette Kaplan, Allison Sullivan and Marianne Fisher,.