Tenney Grammar School eighth-graders racked up some serious virtual profits in The Stock Market Game last fall, earning them a visit from a Fidelity Investments vice president!

“The Stock Market Game allows students to delve into the intricate world of stock trading by investing a virtual $100,000 in real-time stock markets,” according to a press release. “Through this experiential learning platform, students gain invaluable insights into economics, finance, and the dynamics of the financial markets.”

Either in teams or individually, students trade stocks, bonds, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds on the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.

In the Middle School Division, Tenney’s eighth-graders placed first in the state. In March, Fidelity VP, Global Middle Office, Uday Kiran Bolousani talked to the kids about his journey to Fidelity and his personal experience in the field. While his life began in India with no running water, he’s now a leader at one of the world’s top investment firms. There was an extensive Q&A where kids asked a wide array of questions ranging from his day-to-day responsibilities and his most profitable investment to “Is it fun working at Fidelity?”

In addition to the Tenney team’s success, eighth-grader Jaxon Levesque, 14, placed first statewide out of all middle and high school competitors. His portfolio wrapped up at $137,895.39.

Jaxon told MethuenLife he wasn’t surprised that he did so well, saying, “I took an online (investments) class while I was home-schooled, so (The Stock Market Game) was pretty easy for me.”

He hopes to study business and finance in the future.

Jaxon’s classmate Lyric DeLeon, 13, placed sixth, with a grand total of $118,073.92. He admitted that he had no prior knowledge about the stock market. Investing in Jet Blue and Air B&B over winter vacation really boosted his stock gains, he said.

Tenney teachers Doug Patten, Jessica Leal and Margaret McCarty oversaw The Stock Market Game at their school.  

The Stock Market Game is hosted by the SIFMA Foundation, in cooperation with local partners, aimed at “equipping our youth with practical financial skills and knowledge.”


Three classes of Tenney eighth-graders took part in The Stock Market Game, placing first statewide in the Middle School Division. As a result, Fidelity Investments VP Uday Kiran Bolousani visited their school for a Q&A. MethuenLife photos by Melissa Fili

Fidelity VP Uday Kiran Bolousani, who works in the Merrimack, N.H., office, congratulates Tenney eighth-grader Jaxon Levesque for placing first among Massachusetts’ middle schoolers and high schoolers.