Two Methuen High teams of science-minded students have qualified to compete at the State Science Fair, set for April 5 at Gillette Stadium.

Back in February, Ibrahim Afzal, Thomas Le and Tayyab Afzal took first place at the 38th annual Methuen High Science Fair with their project, “Creating a Solid State Ionic Engine to Power a Plane.”

Elias Castillo and Milo Isaacs placed second at MHS with “From Waste to Fuel.” This project was named the Joseph F. Tarrello Outstanding Chemistry Project at the Region IV Science Fair at Tufts University on March 1. The award was named after a longtime chemistry teacher who helped organize the Region IV Science fair for many years. This project placed second at the Methuen High Science Fair back in February.

The MHS Science Fair also recognized these projects:

Third place: Divier Ramos-Delgado, Yasmine Bridaa. “Creatography: The Design and Application Assessment of a Low-Cost Gas Chromatograph.” This team also competed at the Region IV Science Fair.

Outstanding Biology Project: Ella Duffy, “C.diff and Alternate Treatments.”

Outstanding Environmental Science Project: Sydney Chalupa, “Maximizing Green Roof Benefits.”

Outstanding Physics Project: Jarell Espinal, James Lug, Dael Osorio, “How Different Surfaces Respond to Impact Force.”

Outstanding Research Project: Valentina Carideo, “Optimizing Blood Glucose.”

Outstanding Laboratory Project: Jillian Bradley, Angeliris Cabrera: “How Does the Amount of Vegetation on Hillsides Affect Soil Erosion?”

Outstanding Engineering Project: Sloan Farrell, “Spin Cycle.”

Additionally, Lijoy Khalil won special recognition at the MHS Science Fair and competed at the Region IV Science Fair with the project “They’ve Soiled Themselves.”