Team New England, a local 12U baseball team, had been fund-raising for their trip to Cooperstown, N.Y., and the National Baseball Hall of Fame for over a year. But the 15 players really hit a home run when they bonded with the special folks at The Woods at Merrimack senior-living community!

Methuen’s Laura Cameron, whose son Austin plays on the team, works for a medical company that treats patients at The Woods, so she was familiar with the staff’s penchant for supporting local causes. The team asked Woods’ officials if the kids could host a car wash there, off bustling Howe Street, and the answer was yes!

The team – 14 boys and 1 girl from Methuen, Haverhill and Salem, N.H. – visited the facility and met some of the retirees prior to the fund-raiser.

“(The residents) taught the kids to play pickleball and just talked about their experiences – they have great backgrounds,” Cameron said. “One woman went to Cooperstown twice!”

Not only did the car wash raise $1,000 for the team, but the resident and staff support made the day extra special.

“They remembered us. Some people were watching out of their windows. One guy, Larry, was playing music for us on his scooter,” Cameron said.

“The players put in the work and did the soaping up and hosing down of vehicles,” said Woods’ Life Enrichment Director Diane Atkins. “Plenty of seniors who live at The Woods gladly took advantage of this service-with-a-smile, which happened right in their parking lot!”

Cameron said that after this summer’s Cooperstown competition, the team intends to return to The Woods and share the experience with their new friends.