Stepping into Nevins Library is always a feast for the eyes. The rich wood, stained-glass windows, newly restored wall art and views of the outdoor statuary exude a deep sense of history and a feeling of tranquility.

In February, visitors to the library were also greeted by a miniature art museum filled with work by local community members. The library invited artists of all ages to pick up a kit containing a 4-by-4-inch canvas, paints and paintbrushes to create a submission for their Tiny Art Show. The response was so enthusiastic that the initial number of supplies was depleted quickly, but more kits were added so that no one was left out.

Over 100 entries came pouring in, from seasoned seniors and amateur adolescents right down to budding artists under the age of 5. For two weeks the artwork was displayed alongside the towering book stacks, tiny colorful canvases lined up on tiny wooden easels. Despite their diminutive size, these miniature works of art had a mighty presence, commanding attention as they beckoned library patrons to come in closer. Entires ranged from watercolors and acrylics to oils and pen and ink. The subject matter was diverse, including landscapes, still life studies, abstracts and portraits of both people and pets. Scaling down art to the size of a miniature canvas can be challenging, yet these artists rose to the challenge. Even the work of the very youngest artists showed an impressive sense of imagination and talent. The artwork was judged in each category, and winners received a small prize along with – what else? – a tiny trophy.

Angelina Faro’s colorful “Flower Field” was the winner of the up-to-5-years category, “Henry and the UFO” by Charlie Gilmore won in the age 6-12 group, Luce Williams’ “Lisa” won in the age 13-19 category, and the adult winner was Kalina Huacon’s “Message of Peace.” Staff members chose Betty Felenchak’s “Books Rule” and the library patrons’ favorite was Jess Cross’s “Violet Skies.”

Local artist Diane Maroun was excited to enter her work in the exhibit.

“It was fun creating a little piece of art for the show,” she says. “I decided to participate because I had already begun creating little paintings for other art shows, and it sounded like fun. It was great seeing all of the creations together … and I can’t wait to do it again!”