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Dear Editor,

From the officers and board of directors of the Foster Kids of the Merrimack Valley, we simply want to say Thank You. We know this has been a financially difficult year for so many people, however, we found that we could once again count on our tremendous supporters to help us provide for the foster children in the Merrimack Valley ensuring each of them has another memorable holiday season. From our supporters who donate to our annual appeal, to the participants in our Santa’s Helpers program and the many volunteers who come and help wrap all the gifts, we couldn’t do it without you.

To our partners at the Methuen Fire Department who donate their time to help us move the gifts for hundreds of children and the Methuen Police Department who help with traffic so that the gift pick-up goes smoothly, we say thank you. 

FKMV is so grateful to the pastor, priests and parishioners of St. Lucy Parish who graciously give up their hall for an entire week so that we have a place to store, wrap and eventually give out a large bag of gifts to each child. Thank you to our new community partners, Launch of Methuen, who helped us host the foster children and their families for a party at their location that was memorable and magical for the children, families and the board of FKMV.

We are grateful to all our volunteers and those who donate to support our many events year-round.  Truly, we are humbled by your ongoing generosity!

Finally, the officers and the board of directors of the Foster Kids of the Merrimack Valley are an amazing group of giving individuals who for over 18 years have been volunteering their time organizing events for the kids and fundraisers to ensure our support to the children of the Greater Lawrence, Greater Haverhill area is steady. Their commitment to our mission is heartwarming to be sure. I am proud to say we have a generous and giving community and so blessed to be part of it.

Many thanks to all!  Wishing you a very Happy Holiday Season and a Healthy New Year!

Larry F. Giordano

Founder and President

Foster Kids of the Merrimack Valley, Inc.