By Nancy Reardon
MethuenLife Writer

Newly “hooked” on fishing, Methuen’s Alex Vermette dropped off his gear at a dock in Lowell last month and went back to his car to grab more. Gone for less than 3 minutes, someone had stolen his rod and tackle box full of lures. He was devastated. Alex, 21, had taken up fishing as a new hobby and was enjoying it very much.
His mother, Laurie Ann, was angry, as any parent would be. She took to social media relaying her anger not only because everything was stolen, but more so that Alex – who is partially paralyzed and wheelchair-bound – was taken advantage of.
She asked if anyone had any equipment they were not using and would like to donate it to Alex, saying she’d be greatly appreciative.

Laurie Ann said, “Alex had been saving money to purchase the rod and all the gear he needed to start fishing.”

I shared her post and within minutes I received several offers from friends willing to donate gear.

Michael Beatrice, an avid fisherman, stepped up and donated a rod and tackle box filled with lures.

Jody St. Marie, a Methuen firefighter who knew Alex’s grandmother Eileen when she worked as a secretary for the Methuen Fire Department, went to his home and donated the same.

Kindness is alive and well in Methuen.

Michael Beatrice (right) hands over a rod and tackle box filled with lures to Alex Vermette after his gear was stolen. MethuenLife photo by Nancy Reardon