Methuen School Committee Vice-Chair Louann Santos has resigned from her elected role.   

 In a Feb. 29 Facebook post, she stated, “Unfortunately as we speak, my family is going through something extremely difficult regarding our living situation. My three children are having a very difficult emotional time with our situation. They need all 100% of me, and that is what is the most important right now. I am also personally having an emotionally difficult time with everything that my family is dealing with.”

Santos was two months into her third and final term on the School Committee, a role she truly embraced. She has stated on social media that her East End apartment has issues with water damage and mold, and believes that has led to health problems as well as stress for her and her family. She and husband Greg have three grammar-school-age children.

In November’s election, seven candidates ran for six seats. Newcomer Alesandra Winnet came in seventh, garnering 155 votes. According to Mayor Neil Perry (who is also School Committee chair), she falls short of the 20% required minimum votes to take a seat on the committee.

Instead, the mayor – unilaterally or with School Committee members – can select a member to replace the outgoing Santos.

“(Alesandra) did not get 20 percent required so the School Committee selects a candidate,” explained Perry. “If I understand the lawyers correctly, I could choose – as senior member of the committee in terms of service and age – but we’ll discuss and come to a collective decision.”

He said the appointment would be as soon as possible, the next School Committee meeting at the latest.

The mayor said he was unaware of a likely candidate to step in.

Through the years, Perry has publicly commended Santos on her positivity and upbeat attitude. Tonight, he had nothing but praise for Santos.

“She was heart and soul all about improving Methuen Public Schools in every way; from better lunches to improving communication and ensuring the voice of the parent was heard. She will be missed,” said the mayor.

Online, Santos thanked the community for their support. She also left the door open to a future public service role, writing, “Maybe one day in the future I’ll consider trying to return …”