By Melissa Fili
MethuenLife Writer

While children touch this snake’s tail, its face is exploring the back of Reptile Shows presenter Alex’s head! ML photos by Melissa Fili

Nevins Library’s Summer Reading Program got off to a heat-seeking, scale-shedding and rodent-eating start, with help from Reptile Shows of New England!
It was a full house in the library’s Great Hall, with kids compactly sitting on either side of a reptile runway, while grown-ups seemed perfectly content to take their seats in the back … though Alex, the evening’s presenter, was delighted to show off his reptilian friends to all in attendance. He drew squeals and gasps from the audience each time he pulled a new “visitor” from their comfy container. Then he’d walk the runway, sharing facts about each reptile and answering questions. As he spoke, often with an on-the-move snake draped around his neck or his hands cupping a pensive-looking tegu, many children delighted in feeling the reptiles’ skin, even giving a little pat like they would to a dog or cat.
“YES! I touched it!” a proud little girl said, after running her hand across the shell of big turtle as the evening came to a close.
Families were encouraged to visit the library’s Children’s Department where they could check out books on reptiles or anything else that makes them smile!