Drooping and dilapidated on the edge of Hampshire Street, the building formerly known as Rostron’s Liquors awaits a breath of fresh life courtesy of its new owners.

The two-story building, at 40 Hampshire St., was owned by former Methuen Mayor Bill Manzi who recently sold it to Zhen Feng and Weng Ying Pan for $300,001. The first floor has been vacant for many years, other than briefly serving as the campaign headquarters for mayoral candidate Jennifer Kannan about five years ago.

“The place has been in my family for years, but the entire retail landscape has completely changed,” said Manzi. “I’m really hoping for a natural transition into a better chapter for the location.”

Feng and Ying Pan also own Wah Sang, the Chinese restaurant located next to Rostron’s. The plans for their recent purchase remain unknown.

“It’s a huge pleasure to welcome some new owners,” said Director of Economic and Community Development Jack Wilson. “The whole area is a big focal point for improvement, and we’re all very excited to see what they have in store.

“It keeps me hopeful,” Wilson continued. “A lot of people, myself included, really want to see the area improve.”

The revitalization of Methuen Square, specifically mixed-use buildings with business on the main level and residences above, has been a talking point for many mayors, including Mayor Neil Perry.


Here’s the street view of former Rostron’s Liquors at 40 Hampshire St., in Methuen Square. MethuenLife photo by Zach Laird