So much great art, so little time!

Methuen Public Schools’ K-12 art exhibition, “You Are Art,” gloriously filled the main and upper levels of Nevins Memorial Library for two weeks last month. It seemed every wall, shelf, table and corner had something vibrant and special to see!

On Opening Night, families filled the Great Hall where MPS Fine Arts Supervisor Cheryl Mancini encouraged guests to soak in the creations. She also recognized the dedication of Methuen’s art teachers, and handed out awards and scholarships.

Awards for Student Artist Achievement were based on their artistic work and their school-day attitude.

“These students are not just great artists, but also great human beings in the classroom,” Mancini told the crowd.

The awards were given as follows:

CGS: Ernesto Jaquez Fiallo (grade 4) and Sophia Perrotta (grade 8).

Marsh: Mirayah Campbell (grade 4) and Doreen Marmol (grade 8).

Timony: Rowan Sargent (grade 4) and Anjely Arias (grade 6).

Tenney: Samara Torres Medina (grade 4) and Caisley Delisle (grade 5).

Methuen High School: Alexa Rabs and Emma Lam (grade 11) and Allysa Cassidy, Zaria Nelson, Nicoll Alcaraz Cartagena, Analyaliz Caminero and Zain Ansara (grade 12). 

The JD Memorial Scholarship for the Arts went to six students who have been accepted into a post-high school program to study fine arts (drama, music, fine arts, etc.). Each received $1,500. This year’s winners are Mackenzie Yirell, Zaria Nelson, James Lug, Julissa Medina, AJ MacLeod and Calysa Alba. 

“Thanks for helping me and my friends reach our dreams!” AJ told the Danielses.

  There was also a Fine Arts Silent Auction near the main entrance, where guests could bid on student-made art. Proceeds will benefit Methuen students who study art in college.