By John Molori
MethuenLife Writer

The Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield is creating the Michael Callahan Muldoon Collection of books, media guides, programs and more, courtesy of a unique donation made by Muldoon’s widow, Yadira. The collection will be available to writers, researchers, academia and others in need of authentic reference materials. MethuenLife file photo

For more than three decades, Eagle-Tribune sportswriter Michael Muldoon chronicled the achievements of local athletes, promoting their victories and providing thoughtful words in the face of defeat. When he passed away at the age of 60 in May of 2022, Muldoon left a beautiful legacy of dedication to the craft of writing. And that is not all that he left.
A veritable database of sports knowledge, Muldoon kept a treasure trove of basketball publications neatly filed and sorted in the basement of his Methuen home. The collection included pro and college media guides, instructional books, programs, Sports Illustrated magazines, biographies, and works by numerous authors dating back to the early 1980s.
His wife of nearly 20 years, Yadira, also a fine journalist, understood her husband’s passion. She relates, “I am a historian myself, so I don’t throw anything away. Mike was very similar.
“I was always asking him to clean out the basement. He joked that he would get rid of his stuff if I got rid of all of my shoes. Mike was a big sports fan, but he loved basketball more than any other sport. When I saw all of the items that he had downstairs, I said to myself, ‘These gems have to go somewhere.’ ”
Yadira called the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass., and told them about the hardcourt heaven in her basement: “I explained Mike’s background as a sportswriter, his coverage of scholastic and pro sports, and his famous Athletes Oath. Then I told them about all of the items that he had in the basement. They were very excited.”
Indeed, the Hall of Fame was so interested, they made a special trip to Methuen to check out the find. Muldoon was a perfectionist. He kept all of his books and publications stored in order according to the year. In fact, he had everything stacked in bookcases that he made himself.
Yadira welcomed Matt Zeysing, historian and curator, and Alex Pedro, Archive Services, from the Hall of Fame to her home.
She states, “When they came to the house, they were in awe of Mike’s collection. They were very excited about adding these items to their museum archives at the (Hall) to be used by writers and others for reference material.”
Creation of the Michael Callahan Muldoon Collection was confirmed in a letter from Matt Zeysing, vice president of curatorial at the Hall of Fame.
The shrine in Springfield is now home to a lifetime of work and memories from a true writer’s writer. Muldoon was all about the players and the games. The Athletes Oath that Yadira mentioned is an eternal tome detailing the right way for players, coaches and parents to approach sports.
Muldoon helped build the Commonwealth Motors Christmas Tournament into one of the greatest basketball spectacles in New England. His talent and journalistic integrity will never be forgotten in this region.
“The men from the Hall of Fame said that it was a highlight for them to learn about Mike and his love of sports,” says Yadira. “They never even met him, but they could tell that he was a great man who loved the game. They are so proud to bring his items to the Hall of Fame archives.
“Mike was never about self-promotion, but I am extremely happy that his legacy will continue at the Basketball Hall of Fame, which is the ideal place.”