By Nancy Reardon
MethuenLife Writer

The second Sunday of June is dedicated to honor firefighters who have lost their lives in the line of duty as well as those who dedicate their lives to serving our communities.
Methuen Fire Department honors their own by reading the names of their fallen firefighters and tolling the bell that holds those firefighters’ names. Each year, the honor of tolling the memorial bell is given to one of Methuen’s newest firefighters. This year, that honor went to Chief Tim Sheehy’s son, Kyle Sheehy.
Lt. Sue Vallera read the Firefighters Prayer. Firefighter Wayne Borden placed the ceremonial wreath at the Firefighters Memorial.
The Patrick McKallagat Memorial Award is presented each year to a deserving firefighter who goes above and beyond, which is usually presented by Pat’s dad Steve. Sadly, Steve recently passed away.
Chief Sheehy presented the award posthumously to Steve, saying, “Steve was a dedicated close friend of the department. He will be sadly missed.”
The McKallagat family accepted the award in memory of Steve.

Members of the department who were recently promoted and pinned during the service were: Assistant Chief Mike Fluet, Capt. Jeff Slattery, Lt. Matt Collier, Lt. Sean Quick and Lt. Mike Ferris.

New firefighters who were pinned included Ryan Campbell, by his father Rich Campbell; Adam Marino Jr., by his father Lawrence Firefighter Adam Marino Sr.; and Kyle Sheehy by Chief Sheehy.

Chief Sheehy and his son Kyle, a newly pinned firefighter, salute as the flags are drawn to half-staff for fallen firefighters. MethuenLife photos by Nancy Reardon

Lt. Matt Collier is pinned by his father, retired Methuen Firefighter Dave Collier. Lt. Collier will wear the badge of his grandfather, Methuen Lt. Walter Collier.

Lt. James Garrity sings the national anthem.

Scholarship award winners Caitlyn McGhee, Abigail Fluet, Logan Ferris, Joseph Kullman, Evan Doherty, Jamie Slattery and David Solomon are shown with Lt. James McLaughlin, president of Local 1691.

Firefighter Bobby Cole recites names of fallen firefighters as Firefighter Kyle Sheehy prepares to Toll the Bell, a sign of honor and respect for all firefighters who made the ultimate sacrifice.