Marsh Grammar School Drama Club presented a pair of high-energy, hilarious and on-point performances of “Shrek the Musical Jr.,” in March.

Led by Caden Faulling as Shrek and Ellie Kennedy as Princess Fiona, the Upper School cast (except for the adorable Lucia Souza who played Tinkerbell) shared the green ogre’s adventures as he sets off on a quest to save a princess from a dragon. Not only does he engage with an array of fairytale misfits, but Shrek ultimately learns how to believe in himself while opening his heart to others.

The show, directed by Marsh staffer Tina Ozaroff with assistance from Upper School Music and Chorus teacher Adrianna Giordano, was based on the Oscar-winning Disney film and the book “Shrek” by William Steig. The Marsh’s musical took five months of preparation and practice, and the result was just magical!