Methuen City Councilor Ron Marsan is especially grateful for a couple things: first, his family; secondly, that he escaped death to appreciate said family.

“Getting better every day!” chimed Ron with his trademark optimism. “All the bandages and staples are out and I’ll be back to work in two weeks.”

The East End councilor could be seen at a recent City Council meeting with his head wrapped in bandages covering six holes drilled in his skull to drain blood caused by a potentially fatal fall two months earlier.

“I fell on ice in my driveway back in January and hit my head pretty hard,” explained Ron. “I knew I had an issue but I let some time go by hoping it would heal itself. I’m stubborn.”

Figuring some relaxation would help, Ron and his wife Dianne went to Aruba for two weeks.

“I returned on March 7, and I knew my health went downhill. It didn’t fix itself. I was dizzy and disoriented,” he said.

Ron went to the local urgent care, which instructed him to get a brain scan immediately.

“So I went to Holy Family Hospital on March 8; the only way I remember that is because my birthday is March 9. They did a brain scan and said I had bleeding,” said Ron, noting that on a scale of 1-10, the severity of the injury was a 10 and he would require immediate surgery.

It turns out neurosurgeon Dr. Henry Ty had performed an operation earlier in the day, but stuck around to await the results of Ron’s scan. The surgeon didn’t like what he saw, said Ron.

“ ‘You can’t leave. You have to have this done NOW,’ ” they told me. We couldn’t even wait until Saturday,” said Ron, noting that Dr. Ty performed the surgery at midnight that Friday. He drilled six holes to release blood and pressure.

And miraculously, Ron was back home 36 hours later.

“They let me out Sunday at noon. Even the surgeon said, ‘I don’t know how you recovered so fast, but you’re good to go home,’ “ said Ron, who agreed wholeheartedly. “I want be here for my family. My family is everything.”

A general contractor, Ron let his son Jonathan handle the heavy lifting for a few weeks while he saw to the less strenuous tasks. One such task has been to praise Dr. Ty and the Holy Family staff for their care.

“The nurses and the whole care couldn’t be better,” he said. “It was amazing. They have an amazing staff that truly loves their jobs.”