Here are Methuen Youth Basketball’s scholarship winners, their parents, and members of the Waldie, Blood and Kupiec families. Missing from photo are Ella Barrona and Anesti Touma. Courtesy photo

Methuen Youth Basketball (MYBA) announced its annual Scholarships Award winners. The

Blood Family Memorial Scholarship honoring Bruce, Bill and Charlotte Blood went to Michaela Henrick.
Jason Labelle received the Marc Kupiec Memorial honor while Ken Waldie Memorial Scholarships went to Alex Ruffini, Conor Mottram, Brooke Tardugno, Chantelle Chirwa, Jamie Slattery, Ella Barron and Anesti Touma.
Thanks to MYBA President Dan Labelle for his and his organization’s consistent work in providing the youth of Methuen with a terrific league, remembering those people who helped build the league, and honoring these student-athletes for their hard work and accomplishments.


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