A former Harlem Globetrotter made another slam-dunk appearance at the Tenney Grammar School recently!

Corey Rich, who goes by the name Corey the Dribbler, is an 8-time Guiness World Record Holder-turned-motivational speaker. He dreamed of playing in the NBA, but was continually underestimated due to his 6-foot-1 height (short, according to the pros). He worked extra hard on his ball-handling skills (can YOU dribble 6 basketballs simultaneously?) and continued to believe in himself.

Corey used his experience of becoming a Harlem Globetrotter basketball teammate (2009-2010), coupled with his amazing dribbling skills, to convey a powerful message to the Tenney’s fifth-graders: Through hard work in school, grit and perseverance and – most importantly – respecting your parents, teachers and coaches, anything is possible!

Corey’s visit was made possible by the Tenney PTO. He has shared his message at the Tenney for the past five years!