As part of the Methuen Police Department’s Community Outreach Division, officers went to 12 neighborhoods Aug. 24 passing out free ice cream to “kids” of all ages!

Escorted by two Methuen Police Department cruisers, Officers Mark Aiello, Brandon LaFlamme and Felicia Bistany were in the ice cream truck handing out five different varieties of frozen treats on a warm summer day.
MethuenLife tagged along at a couple stops, where dozens of residents gladly accepted a sweet treat, paid for by the Patrolmen’s Union.

Police Chief Scott McNamara and Sgt. Kevin Dzioba of the Community Outreach Division thanked Lawrence Police Department Acting Chief Michael McCarthy and Lawrence Mayor Brian Depena for generously donating their ice cream truck for the day.

~ Nancy Reardon

Officers Brandon LaFlamme and Mark Aiello hand Jack Capodagli (front), 7, and his friend Gray Collins, 8, ice cream as others make their choice. MethuenLife photos by Nancy Reardon

Myles O’Leary, 5, enjoys a chocolate ice cream with his Chase the Police Dog stuffy while Officer Mark Aiello pauses a moment from handing out the sweet treats.