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 Here’s a look at the businesses that are moving in and out of Methuen.


•PetWellClinic, a national chain that offers walk-in veterinary care to dogs and cats, opened last month at The Loop.


• Cuckoo Nana’s Yarn & Fabric: 369 Merrimack St., at the former Monte Carlo Hair Salon has permanently closed. They opened spring 2021.


• Aroma Joe’s has submitted plans to the Community Development Board’s Planning Division, intending to open up at 75 Haverhill St.


• Wengs Garden, which has the same owners at Salem, N.H.,’s Yang Ming, expects to open at the former Knights of Columbus Gaythorne Hall on Broadway, according to Economic and Community Development Director Jack Wilson.

*Ye’s Table: The 139-seat Asian fusion restaurant, being built at the former Sovereign Bank on Merrimack Street across from Heav’nly Donuts, hopes for a March opening. It’s owned by the same folks who run Fusion House, also on Merrimack.

*River Edge: Chinese and Japanese cuisine at the former Jon Ryan’s Pub (formerly Tavern on the Merrimack, formerly Jackson’s Restaurant) along the Merrimack River on Lowell Street. The 142-seat restaurant has its occupancy permit and awaits alcohol-sale approval, per Economic Development Director Jack Wilson.

• KPOT, an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ and hot pot experience, is coming to The Loop. Seating for 196 guests and anticipated opening is August. The chain is also planning to open locations in Dedham and West Springfield as well as Nashua, N.H.

*Teriyaki Madness: Coming to The Loop and will be located in between European Wax Center and Bath & Body Works. Offering Asian-style bowls, apps and sides in a fast, casual atmosphere.  This nationwide chain also has a location in Burlington.

• Jocelyn’s by Sevmar is coming to the former Sevastano’s (formerly Sahtaine’s) on Merrimack Street. Methuen native Jocelyn Maroun’s restaurant adventure started many years ago behind the counter at Salem Kabob (Sevmar’s original spot on Route 97, at the Methuen line) when her family owned it; she went on to open Jocelyn’s on Route 28 in Salem – both were renowned for their Lebanese specialties. 

•Washville, a state-of-the-art tunnel-style car wash, plans to open at the former CREST site on Broadway. They’ll offer 22 free vacuum stalls in addition to a car wash experience that includes a light show, scents and towel service. The facility uses 70 percent “recycled” water and bio-degradable chemicals. Construction started in August. Other local Washvilles are located in Newburyport, Tyngsborough and Nashua, N.H.

•Taco John’s: Applicants continue discussions with city boards, as they’re looking to build a stand-alone restaurant with drive-thru at 436 Broadway, within the Village Mall and abutted by Dunkin’ Donuts to the south and Texas Road House to the north. The fast-food restaurant would be open daily from 6am-midnight, according to the application. DID YOU KNOW that Taco John’s trademarked “Taco Tuesday” back in 1989?