Methuen City Councilor Joyce Campagnone’s absence from several winter/early spring council meetings can be attributed to a car accident and wonky high-tech.

“I was in a car accident back in January, so I had a few health issues, but I’m still here,” said the Central District councilor and former School Committee member. “I’ve been off-kilter for a while. My car was totaled. I had to get another car but I’ve only driven once (since the accident),” she said. “I had a hard time walking.”

Coupled with the accident, Joyce had trouble connecting to Zoom to attend the council meetings virtually.

“There’s nothing drastically wrong with me. And there were technical issues, so I couldn’t get onto Zoom,” she explained.

Despite some audio issues, Campagnone did attend the entire April 16 meeting via Zoom.
Joyce, who celebrated her 78th birthday last month, expects to be back at the meetings live and in-person as soon as she’s feeling up to it.


Central District City Councilor Joyce Campagnone attends meetings via Zoom following a car accident. ML file photo