Greetings from the land of pixels and paper!

As MethuenLife approaches our 23rd anniversary in February, we bring exciting news: Our new re-designed website launches in early January. We’ve had a basic website for probably 20 years, but the time has arrived for a new and improved site.

This hybrid model allows us to offer interesting content – much of it not in the newspaper – and still publish MethuenLife Magazine, which we launched in 2001. 

Like any website, it’s a work in progress. But here’s what you can expect to see when you visit

THE CURRENT ISSUEFirst and foremost, we’ll post the current issue of MethuenLife online. You’ll be able to read columns by sports writer John Molori, history writer Ken Doherty, food writer Hailey Moschella and art writer Patricia Bruno, enjoy the photojournalism of Nancy Reardon and Barbie Kiberstis, and see features and news stories by a handful of staff members.

OBITUARIES We are working with local funeral homes to post obituaries of residents and natives of Methuen for $99, significantly less than daily papers charge. Supplied by the funeral homes, the obituaries can run up to 600 words and include an image of the deceased or a graphic of an American flag, cross, angel, praying hands or heart. They can be accessed 24/7/365. If you’d like an obituary to appear on the MethuenLife website, please ask your local funeral director to send it to us. We aren’t changing our name to MethuenLife & Death, but we do feel this is a useful option for anyone who would like their loved one memorialized among all that’s Methuen.

POLICE LOGS The Methuen Police Department has agreed to regularly supply us with police logs which we will post to the website.

FIRE DEPARTMENT CALL LOG Similarly, the Methuen Fire Department will provide us with their call logs which we will also post to the website.

REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS You know how you’d love to know what that house in your neighborhood just sold for? Ponder no more. We’ll have those transactions on the website as well.

VIDEOS I don’t want to give away too much here, but if you like food and restaurants or some behind-the-scenes videos of buildings and locations here in Methuen that you don’t normally see, you’ll want to check out these features.

And for those of you who are regularly on our Facebook page, we will pin our new website to the top of our page so you’re just a click or tap away. How easy is that? We’re excited about this new chapter of MethuenLife and we hope you are, too. Please check out when you have a second.

Oh, and Happy New Year from the entire MethuenLife staff.


Steve Whipple, Editor/Publisher or (603) 437-3273