It’s one of the few competitions you DON’T want to win: Which Merrimack Valley community received the most snow from the latest winter blast?
On Jan. 8, according to the National Weather Service, Methuen placed second with 17 inches while Haverhill’s 18-inch depth was crowned the “champion” of the area’s first snowstorm of 2024.
It was a day-long blast where, just when you thought it was time to head out and clean up, another round of squalls covered your newly cleared walkway. And once the white stuff finally did stop falling, a stunning sunny day followed – complete with a Ranger Blue sky!
By Jan. 10, temperatures rose and flooding was the newest weather woe. Melted snow gushed down storm drains and the mighty – and rising – Merrimack River appeared to be racing toward the Atlantic.
Try to enjoy winter and all of its surprises. Like it or not, you’re a New Englander!


When about 17 inches of snow are greeted by the morning’s freezing temperatures followed by sunny skies … it might give you a hankerin’ for a homemade turkey pie! MethuenLife photos by Melissa Fili


Bright light enhanced the natural beauty of Riverwalk Park on Osgood Street.


This turret along the Spicket River seems to be pointing to a gorgeous post-storm sky!


The apartment complex’s hard brick stands out behind the fluffy snow caught in these tree branches.


Trudging through the snow to get close to the Spicket Falls was worth watching the splash show!



Veterans Park, off Milk Street, has a history of poor drainage. Swirling streams were gushing away from the ball fields and into the woods during the meltdown that took place a couple days after the snowstorm.